I went to see my dad in early 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I noticed that he is getting on in age and he cannot perform the tasks that he previously could perform a few years ago, such as driving to the grocery store and going to doctor’s appointments. Since I live outside of Florida, I wanted to ensure that my dad is receiving the proper care at this stage in his life.

I found Seniors Helping Seniors in Fort Lauderdale online, and the services that the organization provides looked like the kind of care and services that I am seeking for my dad. Ed from Seniors Helping Seniors met with my dad and me, and we devised a plan to have one of the Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers look after him twice a week to start. I was so pleased with the care provided, and especially the fact that the same caregiver was looking after my dad, that after two months, we increased the caregiver visits to four days a week. Over this time period, my dad has developed a special bond with the caregiver, and he looks forward to her visits. I can rest easier knowing that my dad is receiving the care that he needs. Thank you so much, Seniors Helping Seniors!

— John W.